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Sheepskin Bootie DIY kit

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For those crafters keen to make their own cuteboots or as a gift for a "lady in waiting" this kit with easy to follow instructions will get you on your way.

Included are the sheepskin soles and uppers with pre punched holes, pure wool twisted ankle tie, a crochet hook and an instruction sheet.

Wool is not included. You then can pick your own colours to make the booties with any 8 ply wool.

Yarn needle for finishing and safety  pin for threading not included.

Cute Boot care

Question time

Are Cute Boots machine washable?

They can be washed in a gentle wool wash cycle but best to sponge wash surface dirt. Turn inside out to dry in sun light.

What sizes are the Cute Boots?

The approximate sole length of 0-4 months is 10 cm, 4-8 months is 11.5 and 8-12 months is 13 cm

Why is each pair slightly different?

Each Cute Boot is hand made using natural products that nature will not always deliver identically. This distinguishes your Cute Boot from a factory produced product.

I don't know anything about crochet. Tell me more!

The art of crochet or "shepherds knitting" gained momentum as a craft in Ireland where women crocheted lace to raise money after the potato famine. Sanctioned by Queen Victoria who purchased the lace in support of these women in the 19th century, the art of crochet took off as a popular craft.

The 20s saw Cloche hats and dresses, the 60s and 70s gorgeous swinging dresses and even homeware accessories. Crocheted peggy squares have even graced the great fashion houses of Dior, Paul Smith and Dolce and Gabanna!